Zimbabwe Statistics

The country’s GDP is $5,010,452,000.00, while its GDP per capita is $382.88. The income inequality is relatively high since it is 50.1

The country’s HDI is 0.505 which is comparatively low.

Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is 80%, which is much more than half of the country’s population.

The life expectancy of the Zimbabweans is only 44.28, but 75% of the nationals have access to sanitation.



One response to “Zimbabwe Statistics

  • Irfani


    Compared to Zimbabwe, East Timor, which is the country that I researched, it is not in a better state than East Timor. The GDP per capita for East Timor is $400.00, which is slightly higher than Zimbabwe. Furthermore, Zimbabwe’s HDI is slightly lower than East Timor’s 0.513. Thus, in comparison, East Timor is slightly more developed than Zimbabwe.

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