Test Reflection Section 4

Although I did not do so well in this exam, I am not very disappointed since this section was not my strongest. I would say that was overwhelmed by the number of questions that were given to us, so I did not end up studying for every single question. Unfortunately, I did not get the questions I studied for. Thus, I ended up having troubles organizing my ideas since the ideas were very vague in my mind.

Although I defined the key terms for the question, my biggest issue was that, I was not very focused on the prompt. I talked about the question in general terms. This was another reason why my ideas were disorganized. Also, I did not use much real world examples.

Ms. Q has done a great job correcting our exam. Her comments are really helpful for my future exams. Thank you, Ms. Q!


One response to “Test Reflection Section 4

  • Ms. Q

    Glad you found the comments helpful, Abby. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material to learn in section 4. However, if you can develop a strategy to understand the concepts now, then you’ll be all set for college.

    One tip – study in small chunks instead of cramming. When you get free time, read some blog entries/the news and try to see how economic concepts apply.

    Finally, if you don’t understand a concept during lecture, immediately ask for help. That way, you’ll be able to conquer the material bit by bit. Good luck!

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